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About the Booster Club:

DHS Orchestra Boosters, Inc. is an organization tasked with supporting the needs of all students in the orchestra program and its director, Mr. Michael Giel.   

Mission Statement: DHS Orchestra Boosters, Inc. is dedicated to providing a supportive environment for the students, teachers, and community of the Dunwoody Orchestra. We aim to empower students to achieve excellence and deepen their relationship with the musical arts through local performances and collaborations, in addition to fundraising activities and scholarship opportunities. Our goal is to encourage aspiring musicians to explore their talents and dedicate themselves to success in music through a deep passion in their craft.

Vision Statement: We firmly believe that studying music enriches the mind and fosters social connections, both within the realm of music and across various subjects by bridging the study of the arts with math, science, history, literature, and diverse cultures.

The Booster Club arranges and supports all performances for the orchestra program. This involves pre-concert meals, purchasing sheet music, and programs for the performances. They also pay the registration fees for the annual Georgia Music Educators Association and American String Teachers Association to provide additional teaching resources and educational strategy support for Mr. Giel as he teaches the musicians in the orchestra classes.

In addition, the Booster Club arranges for guest clinicians to teach sectionals to help all students with their orchestra techniques and skills and funds sheet music for the students throughout the school year for all on- and off-campus school concerts, as well as varsity letters and other awards for students.


Who Belongs:


Every parent of an orchestra student is part of the Booster Club and supports the Club through paying dues and volunteering.


How We Operate:


DHS Orchestra Boosters, Inc. operates as a non-profit relying on fundraising, donations, and most importantly, your membership dues. Your dues payments also provide each student with an official orchestra t-shirt.


It is the desire of the Orchestra Booster Club to achieve our fundraising goals through payment of dues.  Please do your part and PAY YOUR DUES TODAY by visiting the Student Dues page of this website!

If you have ideas, questions, or would like to volunteer, 

we would love to hear from you.

Please click the link below to contact the Orchestra Booster Club.

2023 - 2024 
Board Members

Amanda Exley Lower


Tamika Pichardo

Vice President

Aaren Tai


Amity Feaster


Committee Chairs

Nav Baral

Educational Outreach Chair

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